Soraya Odishoo


Soraya Arjan Odishoo (she/they) is a mixed race and queer artist based in New York City. She is a certified This Naked Mind Coach and a certified Kula Yoga teacher who works with individual clients as well as groups, both in person and virtually, from all over the globe. 

Coming of age as an artist in the LGTBQIA++ community in NYC, and working directly in bar and party culture, booze and drugs were everywhere and a part of daily life for Soraya. She first got “sober” in the rehab industry and twelve steps of AA. While that was an important experience, Soraya began drinking again in her late twenties. This is when Soraya was confronted not only with having to heal from the destructive nature of the substance of alcohol, but also from the negative beliefs that programs like AA had generated. 

Rehab and AA had left Soraya feeling powerless. Not just powerless in the drinking and substance area of her life, but powerless in many areas of her life. Healing through other contemporary modalities, such as This Naked Mind Institute coaching, therapy, somatics, yoga and education on the detrimental mechanics of the alcohol industry changed everything for Soraya. 

A key insight was learning about how populations who are already oppressed in our society, such as the LGBTQIA ++ community and people of BIPOC identity, are targeted by substance and alcohol industries. These industries’ goals are to further separate, overpower and hinder community growth and healing. Soraya’s passion is in the work of guiding people back to their power and helping them to lay down the foundations for their own liberation. Her mission is to guide folks who are struggling with substances or destructive behaviors towards more empowered, informed decisions about their futures and towards what is possible in their lives. 

Soraya serves artists and service professionals, who find themselves stuck in their relationship with alcohol or other substances, and who feel they can’t move forward in their work or career lives. She is committed to the accessibility of this service, particularly for other people who identify as BIPOC or LGTBQIA++, and has a sliding scale available. Soraya released her first podcast, Where is Everybody, about re-imagining connections in uncharted territories. She is now working on a second podcast, specifically focused on recovery.