Shelley Money, B.A. Psychology


Shelley Money is a Lifestyle Coach & Feminine Energy Entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in sales & mentoring women to build a sustainable business and healthy lifestyles with more ease & flow.

When a woman can become aware of the energy leaks and things that have kept her stuck with lifestyle choices, men, money & business, she can shine a light on the possibility of a healthier & happier way of being and living. There came a point in Shelley’s life where she knew that she was living below her full potential, and that just being “fine” or just “doing the day-to-day” was no longer good enough and far from fulfilling. In December 2019 she became more aware & open to exploring her relationship with alcohol.

Everything might look great on the outside with a woman being productive in everyday life & business, but behind closed doors she is struggling with her relationships, self-image and clarity of purpose. Her relationship with alcohol used to be fun & simple and it is now the domino that is knocking down the healthy dynamics in her family, love life, drive, success and JOY that she has worked so hard to create. And being so wise in many areas of her life there is both a longing and a knowing that there must be a better way. Helping a woman find her personal path to wholeness and freedom is Shelley’s expertise…there is so much HOPE!

Shelley has been alcohol free since January 2021. Her hope for people is to see an end to the hamster wheel of not feeling good enough and an opening to new possibilities & personal responsibility.