Shelley Money, B.A. Psychology


Shelley is a business woman, a mom and a certified coach with This Naked Mind, providing a new way to look at sustainable behaviour change when it comes to controlling alcohol that is both understandable and achievable.

For over 25 years Shelley has been guiding women in cultivating the skills necessary to reach their own personal successes in business & in relationships, whatever that means to them.

Shelley is well aware that high-achieving women already have a good handle on their life & business and don’t need another program or rules; but when they DO have the missing-mindset-pieces to end the struggle with this One-Thing holding them back, they will be on the fastest track to having healthy relationships in EVERY area of their lives.

Today, she provides a proven roadmap for women to finally bridge the gap between surviving to thriving in their life and get out of the stop > start > stuck cycle when it comes to food and/or alcohol. This is called moving away from living life in the “Grey Area”, where a woman hasn’t hit a rock-bottom with drinking or food and she’s aware she’s also no longer a take-it-or-leave-it person.

Shelley’s been alcohol free since January 2021. Her hope is for people to see an end to the hamster wheel of not feeling good enough and be open to new possibilities and paths in their lives in a way that’s filled with grace, self-compassion and personal success.