Sharon Kerwin Clark


Sharon has been working with women for over two decades now. She has been alcohol free since August 14, 1995. She holds degrees in Communication and Psychology with a concentration on addiction. She is also  an Ordained Ministerial Counselor, Reiki Master Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Certified Practitioner, and Certified Substance Abuse/Addiction Counselor. 

With the tools above and her own personal experiences, Sharon Coaches and Counsels women to walk through their internal obstacles, toward Remembering Their Spirits. She focuses on clients willing to be in relationship with all of the parts of themselves, especially those dark, shadow parts connected to feelings of shame, meaninglessness, and worthlessness. These gnarly parts of ourselves hold false beliefs and perceptions that, ‘I’m unlovable, I don’t matter, I’m not enough, I’ll never be good enough etc.’ 

Do you want to feel worthy, Loved, peaceful, meaningful and purposeful? Are you ready to stop looking for your spirit, the woman you’re meant to be, in the spirits of alcohol?  

It takes courage and a courageous coach willing to speak hard truths to you and walk with you during the process of healing your relationship with yourself and alcohol. If you’re willing,  Sharon is the coach/counselor for you. Sharon’s specialty is doing deeper healing work. She focuses on living alcohol free, and challenges with staying alcohol free. Her approach is that everything is a relationship. She works with clients on relationships beginning with the one they are having with themselves. She also focuses on daily practices for our internal spirits, rather than the spirits in alcohol. Her goal is for her clients to experience more peace of mind, loving uplifting, and encouraging relationships. Healthier management and mindfulness over thoughts, words, feeling and behaviors in all of their relationships.