Shannon Minton


After 20 years working in childhood education as a puppeteer, Shannon is excited to start a new journey as a This Naked Mind Certified Coach.  Her mission as a Holistic Life Coach is to support other women and moms 35-45 years of age, who are ready to explore their relationship with alcohol and food, find a deeper way to connect to themselves and to others, and reclaim their creative passions.  She believes there are many paths to optimal health and habit change can happen with ease, grace and even joy. By helping her clients assemble their own healthy toolkits, they are able to overcome obstacles, such as living with a spouse who drinks, as well as having a rocking social life while still making healthy choices.  Her compassionate, deep listening, and nonjudgmental approach allows her clients to have a safe space to explore the life they want to live on their terms, without rules or labels. 

While on her own journey of healing and health, Shannon experienced a major turning point in her life after reading This Naked Mind by Annie Grace in 2018. After more than 20 years of binge drinking and yoyo dieting, the answers and hope she finally found allowed her to shed the guilt, shame, blame and excuses that fed her destructive habits. By adopting a new mindset of curiosity, self-compassion, and openness to possibilities, Shannon was able to reconnect with her true self and find freedom from beliefs and behaviors that no longer served her.  September 19, 2021 was her last Day One.  

Fun Facts:  Shannon met her husband at a tiki bar while on spring break in college and the rest is history. They reside in the Nashville area with their two teen/tween daughters and little fur baby, Nash.  Shannon has been known to call herself “Bionic Woman” due to a major back surgery for scoliosis that left her with titanium rods.  But that doesn’t stop her from doing things that she loves like yoga, dancing, hiking, painting and gardening.  Her favorite way to relax is to cuddle with her kids and watch a funny movie.