Serenna Wagner


Serenna Wagner is based in rural Oxfordshire in the UK where she lives with her husband, 2 gorgeous children, and beautiful pets. She has loved music from a very young age and is a trained pianist, professional Singer, and Neurologic Music Therapist. In addition to her coaching work, Serenna specialises in helping clients to rehabilitate function (especially speech) after a stroke or brain injury.

Thanks to TNM, she discovered what she had suspected for some time – that life was a million times better without alcohol in it. Since becoming AF in 2021, she has used her newfound freedom, energy, and enthusiasm to train as a coach and set up her own company ‘This Inner Voice’.

‘This Inner Voice’ combines Serenna’s love of Neurologic Music Therapy and her passion for This Naked Mind coaching (NMT&TNM!) She is delighted to offer standard-practice coaching, but she has also devised her own special programmes and courses that have the option to include music. Serenna’s methods are specially designed to enhance and intensify the neurological changes that are taking place during the coaching process. Music has also been proven to have a significant impact on neuro-genesis and healing areas of the brain that may have been damaged by over-drinking.

Everything can be tailored to suit individual needs and preferences. As a multi-instrumentalist, there are lots of options available and no musical experience or ability is required.


Serenna is a truly incredible person who has a natural talent for coaching. She is empathetic and gentle yet full of good humour, a person who is easy to talk to and a joy to listen to also, with her soft and understanding voice. She is adept at getting down to the root of an issue quickly and is quick to come up with articulate ideas and suggestions to ease you forward on your path to your eventual goal in life. She will never push too hard or rush a person to take a large leap forward yet she will gently encourage that person to take the appropriate steps which are commensurate with their readiness to proceed. Since I have been working with Serenna I have been able to make myself move forward step by step when all I really wanted to do was hide away and give up, as I was finding everything far too challenging. I cannot recommend Serenna and her therapy skills highly enough and would recommend her to anyone who is struggling to move forward to where they want to be in life.
JR, Gloucestershire, UK

Serenna’s ability to combine a rigorous scientific foundation with a truly compassionate approach had a profound effect on me in a very short space of time. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to transform their life for the better.
PG, Berkshire, UK

From the moment I’d log on with Coach Serenna, I immediately felt a sense of calm and inclusion. She showed up for our sessions happy, warm & ready to listen to me, which really put me at ease. She asked me questions and brought up scenarios that truly made me think and allowed me to dive deeper into my own thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back. By sharing her personal relatable stories, I really felt heard and understood. If you are looking for a fabulous coach to guide you on your journey without judgment or blame, I highly recommend contacting Coach Serenna. I am forever grateful I did.
LH, Florida, USA