Sarah Spinner, Psy.D.


While Sarah enjoys her work as a therapist and life coach, she has a particular passion for integrating the This Naked Mind approach to coach clients in finding freedom from destructive patterns and addictions, including a problematic relationship with alcohol. She creates a safe space for clients to share, explore, grow, and develop a deeply integrated sense of personal power, freedom, and overall wellness. She understands that freedom from addictions or other unhealthy patterns can mean different things for different people; she provides the unique support and tools that each of her clients needs to meet personal goals. While she has specific expertise in coaching mothers and women at all life stages, mental health professionals, and artists/writers/musicians, she ultimately finds it fulfilling to work with anyone who’s motivated and committed to growth and change.

In addition to her This Naked Mind coaching practice, Sarah maintains a practice as a Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach, and certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. As a therapist, she works with adults, teenagers, children, couples, and families dealing with a broad range of concerns including interpersonal conflict, body image struggles and eating disorders, addiction, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and stress management.

On a personal note: Sarah’s a mom, an advocate for arts and music education for students in underserved communities, a writer, and a tap dancer. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.