Sarah Evans


Sarah lives in the mountains of Colorado. When she’s not reading, dancing in the kitchen, or yelling at her ill-trained dog, her friends can find her skiing, biking, running, and camping with her husband and two children. However, her true passions lie in the art world, particularly writing, music and most of all — dancing.

People she admires include Cesar Milan, Sarah Blakely, and grandmothers. Before a multifaceted career in education and the nonprofit sector, she was a professional ballet dancer with the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. She now serves individuals seeking coaching with alcohol, money, and business leadership.

Following a personal financial crisis, she began a business in coaching and educating individuals around their money beliefs, skills, and behaviors. This business led her to examine the role of alcohol in her own life and in society at large, which ultimately led to an unexpected personal transformation giving up alcohol in 2021. The transformation of her mission and business quickly followed and eventually included coaching and education about alcohol. When coaching about alcohol, she aims to serve professionals and creatives who on the surface seem to have it all together, but suspect that alcohol is holding them back from actualizing their true purpose and destiny. She helps people shut out the noise that subconscious conditioning – about money, success, and alcohol – creates in order to be able to hear their inner voice and act upon the truth that it speaks.