Sara Stigson McAllister


Sara Stigson McAllister is a Wellbeing Coach & Mentor, Yoga Teacher & Studio owner, Intuitive Energy Healer, Mechanical Engineerand mother of 3. Sara is dedicated to help others transform their lives by honing their habits, opening up opportunities and paving their path to create an extraordinary life they love.

Sara has since she was young been very independent and hard working with a sense of adventure. When an opportunity came to move to Australia from Sweden at the age of 19 to pursue a career in Engineering she jumped at the chance. 10 years on through dedication and hard work Sara was running large scale construction projects (nominating her for an Engineering Excellence award) when she became a mum and shortly after made a big decision to leave her career to follow her husband to an overseas posting.

The abrupt change, living in a new country left her struggling with self-worth from not working. Despite the next 12 years of an extraordinary journey through 5 different countries and another 2 children coming along, a sense of loss of ambition was always there. When she arrived back in Australia in 2012, she wanted to restart her career but didn’t know how and what to do. It took a toll and she found herself sliding into depression.

In 2018, when a leaflet for a Yoga teacher training landed in the mailbox she felt it was her chance to regain footing in life and pulled herself out of unhealthy habits and reset her boundaries that evoked a deep and extensive self-rediscovery and knowledge journey set in motion by the curiosity of how she ended up struggling when she outwardly was so capable but inwardly crumbling. She realised that alcohol had become a crutch to lean on and made a firm decision to reset her life and to stop drinking through empowerment of knowledge and help by The Alcohol Experiment. This was the trigger for laying down a solid line in the sand which opened a new world of opportunities, life changing decisions, changes in her family life and most of all a coming home to her true self.

Sara is now a certified Rapid Results Coach, Wellness Australia Coach, The Naked Mind (Alcohol Experiment) Institute Coach, Founding Member of Alcohol Coaches Australia (ACA), Yoga and Meditation Teachers as well as Medicine Room Energy Healer. She works primarily with a personalised 8 step transformational program to empower clients to create a solid foundation for profound shift away from loss of connection to sense of self and core values, long held habits and beliefs that are not serving them and has them stuck. Instead she works to transform their mindset and habits to regain clarity to find balance and purpose and soar with positive energy for the future by identifying their highest values, non-negotiables and to find their future vision and the pathway to achieving their dreams. She also works with ongoing weekly and monthly support for clients and other specialised individual programs. Sara works with clients both in person and via phone or Zoom.

She now lives at Lake Macquarie, Australia, she has found true inner harmony and is dedicated to helping others live their best life. She is running My Free Mind Coaching alongside the YogaYama Yoga Studio and Resolve to Evolve Retreat Center.