Sandy Vickrey, MS


Living on a ranch in western Colorado, Sandy and her husband breed, train, ride and show reining horses. From her former career as an instructor of mathematics, economics and art, both in public and at-risk high schools, Sandy brings a wealth of teaching experience to coaching. “You don’t just repeat the same words louder and louder – you need to understand how an individual learns and teach accordingly to give the words meaning” has been her guide to teaching. Amazing how the same principles of learning apply to horses!

After years of over-medicating with alcohol to “help” alleviate both her physical and mental pain, Sandy started questioning why and reached out for help. On May 1, 2020, she stopped drinking and found inspiration, education and support through This Naked Mind. She has now devoted herself to giving back the gift of self-empowerment to others by becoming a This Naked Mind Certified Coach.

Sandy offers both small-group and 1:1 individual coaching, grounded on This Naked Mind methodology. Both men and women who experience issues such as trauma, grey-area drinking, self-doubt and disempowerment can benefit from Sandy’s science-based, non-judgmental approach and can discover a life where they are back in control of their own thoughts and behaviors.