Sandra Parker


A chance browse led Sandra to a podcast which led her to sign up for the first ever This Naked Mind Intensive, which led to her losing any desire for alcohol, much to her amazement ( and to the amazement of everyone who knew her).Having never been considered a ‘problem drinker ‘ in a social circle in London where everyone drinks she has been delighted at how much her life has changed since gaining control over alcohol and as a Naked Mind coach is very excited to share what she has learned with others and help them change their life for the better.

Are You Ready For Freedom? 
For Alcohol To Be Small & Irrelevant In Your Life? 
Do you want that to happen sooner than later?
Imagine the life you will lead when alcohol is not taking up space in your mind, heart, or thoughts. And it is certainly not negatively affecting your life or health.

Imagine being that ALIVE and joyfully loving every minute.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.
Learn why at The PATH by This Naked Mind