Sandra Parker


Hi, I am Sandra Parker, qualified coach, and founder of Just the Tonic Coaching. I specialise in working with small groups of high achieving men and women to gain long term control over alcohol without using willpower, or any guilt, shame, or labelling, even if they have struggled for decades.

If you are anything like me in my drinking days, you have probably been stuck in an endless rut of trying to ‘drink responsibly’, using willpower, cutting down, signing up for the latest freebie or downloading another self-help book.

And through experience you know that, in the long term, these strategies simply don’t work.

The people I work with though are able to take back control so that instead of feeling deprived they are not drinking they actually feel delighted they don’t have to. I have been privileged to support hundreds of people around the world achieve long term control over alcohol. Not only that but they are having more fun than they have had in years, with better relationships, great social lives, and they are crushing it in their careers.

Using a unique combination of individual and group coaching I will work with you to identify the root cause of why you are drinking, with a focus on mindset work and upgrading your life in the process. Plus, you will have the support of a small group of amazing individuals who get you, who cheer you on and help you realise you are not alone. And of course, you will have fun along the way. Because when you are in control over alcohol through a mindset shift, life is way better.

I should add that when you work with me there is no requirement to sign up to a lifetime of not drinking. My clients come to me to help them get in control so they can decide whether to go on to successfully moderate or give up completely.

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