Sammie Clarke, ALPC


Sammie lives in a rural village in the South West of England, UK, and is a qualified mental health nurse and Independent Nurse Prescriber. At 51 years young and a single mum of two adult children, her passions are music, festivals, travelling in her motorhome, dogs, and yoga. Dyeing her hair from blonde to pink is also a favourite! Working in the substance misuse field for over 20 years, she has worked with all types of addiction, primarily drugs (prescribed and illicit) and alcohol. Being of a ‘certain age’ herself, her desire is to support other professional, peri-menopausal single mums struggling in their relationship with any drug, especially alcohol. After nearly 40 years of drinking, she has been alcohol-free since July 2nd, 2022, and throughout her career as an addictions nurse, she has successfully supported thousands of women to look at their relationship with alcohol and find the freedom they are looking for.