Sam Goldfinch


Calling all rebels! Sam is the face behind ‘Sober Rebellion’ and his mission is to show the world how stopping drinking is a badass and subversive act that will truly upgrade your life. He serves high-achievers and busy entrepreneurs who want to stop drinking, without using willpower or missing out on life! Put simply, if you sense that there’s more to life and drinking is holding you back, the SR is for you! Having trained in a number of disciplines (TNM, Jolene Park’s Gray Area Drinking, life coaching, and Yoga & breath-work) Sam understands the deep link between ‘mind work’ and ‘body work’ that is required on this journey to genuine and lasting freedom from alcohol.

Sam is a keen podcaster and co-host of the ‘Present and Sober’ podcast with fellow ‘TNMer’ Ellie Crowe, they are all about helping people make their world bigger (not smaller) on their AF journey. You’ll often find Sam hanging off a bouldering wall these days (rather than just simply ‘hanging’ after a big night out) and music plays a deep role in his life. He loves a good music festival and still loves to dance. Sam was an English teacher for 10 years before he found his true passion in this space and he loves to write about his experience to inspire change in others!

Sam’s specialty is helping you get alcohol out of your life for good – and owning it. His own journey has shown him that stopping drinking isn’t enough, it’s just the beginning, and if you want to find and experience true freedom, you need to rebuild your thinking around drinking from the ground up. This way, you will literally inhabit a new reality where alcohol no longer plays a role in your life. Building that bridge from ‘I can’t drink’ to ‘I don’t have to drink’ is totally possible, and it’s closer than you think!

Sam will be 6 years alcohol-free (as of October ’21) and he speaks openly about how the idea of drinking seems alien and laughable to him now. He embodies the sober rebel mindset in everything he does and embraces the journey. He has built a life he didn’t know was possible just a few years back, with a rich tapestry of interests. He named his mission ‘Sober Rebellion’ because stopping drinking is the most badass act of bravery we can choose to make. Sam is ‘all in’ on his AF life and if you take the leap with the SR, he’ll ensure you are too.