Ruby Williams


Once Ruby gained freedom from alcohol in May of 2019, she was empowered to lose weight, get healthy, and achieve some lifetime goals. Ruby Williams is a This Naked Mind Certified Coach whose mission is to help those who have realized they have a problem with alcohol. Using the This Naked Mind coaching methodology, Ruby will use questioning to help you create mind shifts during sessions that can be profound and result in alcohol being a small part of your life. This will free you to explore new opportunities and discover your passions.

Ruby was a professional in the wine industry for 19 years and was stuck in the cycle of drinking every day to relieve stress. She was drinking more than she intended but couldn’t figure out a way to stop on her own as the wine industry was intertwined with her identity. Ruby works with women who began to abuse alcohol after bariatric surgery and struggle with alcohol related weight gain.

Ruby will assist you to get to a more fulfilling, healthy, and balanced life free from the dependency on drinking alcohol. She is a single mother of an adult son and lives an hour north of San Francisco with her dog, bees, and chickens and practices daily meditation and yoga.

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