Robbie Saner Sullivan


After years of living a life stuck and limited by the alcohol/anxiety loop, Robbie’s passion is helping empty-nesters like herself, and anyone searching for change, to turn the love they have given their families and friends back on themselves. She supports others to take their own reins so they can stop feeling lost and lousy, live a big life, and give back.

Robbie was a newspaper copy editor, then a nurse who specialized in helping the elderly live with dignity in their own homes. Now, she is a sober curious coach who works one-one-one with people who are seeking a better life. She also runs sober curious workshops in western Massachusetts.

Robbie is married 30 years, and a proud mom to three young adults. She likes books, podcasts, dogs, being outdoors, and people who ask for help.

Robbie knows where you are, and where you can go, and considers it a privilege to help you get there.

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