Rob Wolman, M.A.


Rob is a life-long educator with 25 years experience as a peer counselor. His work as a social scientist has focused on the power of healthy relationships. He provides coaching for people who find that alcohol is having an undesirable impact on their relationships, productivity, or their mental and physical health. He helps to remove barriers that keep people from living life to the fullest.

He is a proud husband, father, grandfather-and a wild music lover! He is blown away by how much better his life has become since he stopped drinking January 1, 2019.

Rob’s program is like a four-legged dining table:

Leg 1 – The reasons you want to reduce or eliminate alcohol use

Leg 2 – The great benefits you stand to gain if you drink less

Leg 3 – The solid support system you’ll create to help you along this journey

Leg 4 – The actions you’ll take to replace undesirable behaviors with healthier ones

Once we’ve built this solid foundation by delving into each of these areas, we’ll set the table with lessons and tactics that will allow you to feast on all that your dreams have to offer. We’ll be telling the waiter, “No thanks, water will be just fine!”

Contact Rob to discuss a customized program designed to meet your specific situation, needs, and goals.

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