Rebecca Wingler, ALPC


Rebecca is a Certified TNM Coach, LifeStyle Coach and Visual Artist.

Since her last drink in December 2020, after 40+ years of alcohol being a normal part of living, her world has burst wide open and she is Curious on Life!

Understanding how alcohol takes away so much more than it can ever give, she creates a safe space to help others explore and imagine what is possible when alcohol no longer has control in their life.

She is passionate about guiding others through the required work of shifting their mind set around alcohol which leads them to transformation in finding their own distinctive path.

She is giddy that finding lifelong freedom by making alcohol small and irrelevant in life is no small thing. It’s huge!, and she believes everyone deserves to discover their own special uniqueness and live their best life. She wants you to get curious about yours.

Rebecca is bilingual in Spanish, has worked in corporate life, has taught, and is also trained to work with battered women and children through art and by facilitating open group discussions in outreach programs.

Rebecca brings other life experience to her work, aging and passing parents, loss of a child, divorce, raising teenagers to young adulthood and the challenges of balancing a career.

Rebecca is from Los Angeles, California, where she raised her family before moving to the Texas Hill Country with her husband of 35 year along with their 2 dogs. She is a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 3.