Rebecca Porterfield, LPC-A


Rebecca has found her passion in helping others live a joyful and happy life without alcohol. She has a law degree, is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate, and is a This Naked Mind Certified Coach. Rebecca is a wife, a mom of four, loves to travel, and is a lifelong learner and seeker. She has been on her journey of alcohol freedom, releasing people-pleasing behaviors, perfectionism, and self-criticism since 2016.  

Rebecca is trained in several therapeutic modalities and uses a compassion-led approach, along with science and This Naked Mind’s methodology to help her clients reinvent their relationship with alcohol and empower them to find control through knowledge and confidence rather than shame and guilt. She believes that finding freedom from alcohol is not just giving up a destructive habit, but also rediscovering your authentic self and reconnecting with your dreams.  

As a coach, Rebecca provides her clients with a safe and compassionate space to share their challenges and reconnect to their dreams. She works with her clients to identify the underlying reasons that led to reliance on alcohol, helps them untangle emotional roadblocks, and empowers them to cultivate self-compassion and create lasting change.