Racquel Reid


Racquel is a certified Naked Mind Coach who specializes in living a purposeful life after alcohol.

She helps women who’ve quit drinking rediscover the magic in life.  Just because you stop drinking doesn’t mean you stop living!

Racquel ditched the drink over ten years ago and by design she assembled a small and safe life that made her feel stuck!  Life is supposed to be great after you remove the substance however, she was crippled with self doubt and still carried tremendous shame for her actions while under the influence!  She lived “small” and felt living “big” was dangerous.

After searching for fulfillment in food, shopping, and a few failed relationships she’d had enough and committed to creating a spectacular purposeful life.  She trained in meditation to reconnect with her soul and trained in yoga to reconnect with her body.  She lost over 70 pounds and became an avid cycler and coastline hiker.  She ignited her passion for learning which led to her becoming a TNM coach.  She also studies cognitive behavioural therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, neuroplasticity and energy healing.

If you wish to pursue your dreams, passions, and ambitions – want to clarify the blocks, triggers and fears holding you back, then coaching with Racquel is your answer!  Together you will implement an action plan that will bring out your inner warrior, create a life you are passionate about and the life you were meant for!

Racquel currently lives in Nova Scotia, Canada where she raised her dynamo son.  She remains active in her community through volunteering.  In the past she’s mentored women incarcerated for substance related offenses and currently she mentors women transitioning out of treatment facilities.