Rachael Layton


Rachael is a certified This Naked Mind coach who believes that you don’t have to hit ‘rock bottom’ to realise that drinking is having a negative impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. As someone who used alcohol to destress to cope with a busy life, it was a game changer to realise that taking back control of her drinking added to her life rather than took away from it.  

She helps women who are concerned that alcohol has gone from a social pastime to an unhealthy crutch to cope with the stress and challenges in their lives. Her one-on-one coaching and tailored programs help them to gain back control over alcohol and live healthier and happier lives.

With a background in corporate communications, Rachael has helped organisations navigate through change. She now wants to bring those change management skills, along with the This Naked Mind methodology and her own personal experience, to help women feel empowered rather than trapped.

Rachael, who lives in Australia, has been alcohol-free since 21 September 2020.