Paul Buxton, ALPC


Paul has a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in management. He has been coaching senior managers at global organisations for 20 years, showing them how their implicit assumptions about the design and management of work hinder performance and how they can create new beliefs that improve customer service, profitability, and the workplace.

Paul has been alcohol-free since 2018 and specialises in one-to-one coaching to help people who want to redefine their relationship with alcohol and build the life that they deserve. As well as his work as a corporate coach, for the last six years Paul has had a secondary career as a music producer, making electronic dance music. He has also been a Zumba instructor for 10 years and takes a holistic approach to well-being recognising that harmony of body, mind, and spirit is the key to fulfillment.

His website is The Stoic Scientist, and he aims to use the latest insights from science coupled with the wisdom of the ancients, particularly the Stoics of ancient Greece and Rome, to inform his coaching practice.

Paul’s liberation from alcohol after 40 years of drinking was just the start of building a life that he never thought was possible, filled with peace and joy, and his mission is to help others find the same freedom, equanimity, and happiness.


“Paul had a lovely, gentle way about his coaching, very non-judgemental and accepting, and a kindly approach. He shared his own experiences freely and put me at complete ease. He gave me lots of space to talk, and his mannerisms were very reassuring.

I walked away from the exchange feeling SO much better in myself. It was lovely to speak to someone who had experienced exactly the same thing, and I felt so supported. I have made tons of progress since my sessions, learned loads, and will continue to practice the advice given for years to come.

Paul is an awesome coach, and I wish I had found him years ago. Highly recommended!”
– Amanda F

“Paul listens with such kindness! He makes it easy to talk about things that are hard to talk about. I am so grateful for all I am learning from his coaching.”
– Martha R