Pamela Price


In a span of 20+ years wine became essential to Pamela’s daily routine and part of her identity. At 51, she knew it was taking more away from her life than it was giving. For years she tried to moderate, do food and juice cleanses and other “wellness” breaks – none of it provided lasting change.

“This Naked Mind” in combination with her yoga (asana + breath + meditation) practice finally created lasing change. A sober warrior since May 21, 2018 Pamela found freedom from limiting beliefs and behaviors of a “surviving mentality wine routine” to empowerment and true health.

TrueBlueSoul coaching provides guidance and inspiration to experience what life is like without alcohol temporarily or permanently. If you have tried the wellness route or you are a wellness professional Pamela understands the frustration, disconnect and desire for a better way of living. Imagine -YOU- a modern day wellness warrior!. When using This Naked Mind methodology, nutrition and other healing art/wellness modalities an empowered yet graceful lifestyle will emerge. Expect freedom, sober moxie, joy and confidence!

When not coaching Pamela is teaching Yoga or making jewelry. She is a creative who loves adventure travel. Her childhood was filled family road trips (imagine a wood paneled station wagon with the last seat that faced backwards) and exploring 700 acres (on foot) her Slovak great grandparents farm. Nature and self discovery inspired her into the visual arts and eventually to Yoga and other holistic healing art practices. A seek and find – way of life.

Pamela is a Certified This Naked Mind Coach, Gray Area Drinking Coach, Reiki II practitioner, RYT-500 Yoga Instructor and YACAP Yoga Teacher.