Pam Gilbreath


Pam lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband and quirky dog, Missy. She has one married daughter with two grandsons, age 13 and 9. Since becoming alcohol-free on April 8, 2019, she is now able to fully enjoy, appreciate (and remember) her life and all of its experiences. In her coaching, this is what she hopes for her clients-freedom from alcohol and the ability to embrace life!

Pam has a calling and a passion to help others that are suffering from hopelessness and shame that arises from their lack of success with changing their harmful relationship with alcohol. Her many years of experience with these feelings, along with her ultimate success with This Naked Mind methodology gives her the personal knowledge and understanding necessary to connect with others in their pain. Her area of focus is with women aged 45-65+, with a long history of hiding their pain, and their drinking, behind a mask that presents to the world a false reality of “having it all together.”