Onowa Bjella


Onowa has her Masters in Education and has been teaching and coaching others for over 20 years. Her life was shaped by an unconventional childhood and the tragedy of losing her mother at a young age. As a coach she understands how people with trauma often turn to alcohol. Onowa believes being compassionate to yourself is essential while you are creating a new high-vibe life in control of alcohol. As a mother she committed herself to whole natural foods and to healthy focused living. Onowa dedicated her time to researching wellness and making sure her family stayed away from environmental toxins while questioning the official narrative of what it means to be healthy and happy. Inevitably, alcohol started to stand out. This curiosity and questioning led her to find This Naked Mind and a new mindset around alcohol. She has been alcohol free ever since. Now, with her first hand experience using the This Naked Mind Methodology, 20+ years of being an educational professional and the continued certification from the TNM Institute, she is helping other health-conscious moms foster their best self and take control of their relationship with alcohol.