Noelene Brown


After 20 years of a problematic relationship with alcohol, Noelene now uses her own lived experience and training as an accredited sobriety coach to help clients explore how and why alcohol plays a significant part in their lives. 

A country girl herself, she understands that living rurally or remotely has special challenges when alcohol becomes a problem and you need to seek help that isn’t readily available in the country. 

Noelene provides online group and one-on-one coaching support specifically for women and men living in rural, remote or regional Australia who want, or need, to explore their relationship with alcohol. 

She gently guides them back to a place where they are able to make informed decisions about their drinking habits and behaviour, and supports them to discover a life free of alcohol without feeling like they are missing out.

Noelene has a heart centered and understanding approach and is passionate about being of service to others and providing a safe, judgement-free space.

Alcohol free since 26 May, 2020, Noelene now lives in beautiful regional Victoria with her partner.  She admits to having nomadic tendencies and loves working online to connect with others, no matter where she is based.