Molly Ruggere


Molly Ruggere is a Certified This Naked Mind Coach, Certified Life Coach and Founder of Counterculture Club, a global alcohol-free social community that offers coaching, membership and events, challenging the mainstream cultural belief that we need alcohol to build connections with others or have fun, fulfilling lives.

Molly quit drinking on March 26, 2018 at age 27 after experiencing some health issues as a result of her alcohol use. She desperately did not want to stop drinking and at first tried to “white knuckle” it, but soon realized she needed support and tools to help her navigate this new, foreign world. She struggled to find resources outside of AA, so even though it didn’t feel like a fit for her, she began attending 12-step meetings. While Molly appreciated the accountability and support she received in the rooms, the overall approach didn’t align with her beliefs and she still missed alcohol, so she left the program to find the tools she needed to create her own holistic path to alcohol freedom.

Through this process and the modern, science-based wisdom she received from pioneers in this space including Holly Whitaker and Annie Grace, Molly transformed her mindset from feeling deprived as a non-drinker to feeling 100% free from the crutch of alcohol.

Molly works with highly motivated, intelligent individuals of all ages from all over the world who may not have hit a stereotypical “rock bottom” or choose to identify as an “alcoholic,” but know their drinking is keeping them stuck in life and holding them back from achieving their goals, even if it doesn’t look like a “problem” to those around them. Molly’s clients are ready to jump in and do the work required with an open mind so they can find true freedom from alcohol and reach their fullest potential in both their professional and personal lives.

Molly’s holistic, highly personalized, science-based coaching approach has helped many folks find incredible success-not only in creating a peaceful relationship with alcohol but also in achieving other big life goals such as starting their own businesses, dating confidently without alcohol, pursuing new hobbies, resolving health issues and achieving their fitness goals and more.

As someone who once thought letting go of alcohol meant she’d never have fun or enjoy life again, Molly’s ultimate mission is to show others with this mindset that changing your relationship with alcohol is something to be celebrated, not stigmatized. She believes finding the courage to let go of any crutch that is keeping you stuck is a life-changing personal growth journey that doesn’t close doors-it opens them-revealing new possibilities and allowing you to embrace opportunities with clarity and confidence.

In addition to working as an entrepreneur and coach, Molly is also a writer who regularly contributes stories to local and national publications about how to live an alcohol-free lifestyle. 

When she’s not coaching, growing Counterculture Club or writing, Molly enjoys reading, going to concerts, doing yoga, traveling and spending time with her friends, family and toy poodles, Ziggy and Billie.