Mike Shennan


Mike has been alcohol-free since February 23, 2018 and provides one-on-one coaching to people who have seen their drinking habit gradually escalate as they reach their mid-life years and who want to regain the power that alcohol has stolen from them over time.

By sharing his personal experiences and employing proven This Naked Mind tactics, Mike helps his clients uncover their core beliefs around alcohol and drinking and then provides them with the personal tools to challenge and ultimately overcome those beliefs.

Mike was a long-term social (weekend) drinker who saw his consumption levels increase significantly in his early 40s as a response to various life events he encountered at that time. He is passionate about the impact that drinking can have not just on one’s self, but on everyone around them, having lost both parents to alcohol-related illnesses. Mike believes in a combination of physical activity and mental awareness to help his clients to discover a previously unexplored trail to alcohol freedom.

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