Michele Adams


Michele is a wife and mother of 3. She found herself in the “gray-area drinker” category and wrapped up in mommy wine culture. After trying unsuccessfully to moderate, she found This Naked Mind desperate to understand her relationship with wine. Michele discovered freedom from alcohol and so much more! TNM methodologies have changed her relationship with food/alcohol and improved her overall health and wellness. She is now living the best version of herself and is proud to be a role model for her family.

Michele specializes in coaching women who want to change their relationship with alcohol and/or other habits that are not serving them. She helps identify beliefs, behaviors and emotions that may be holding them back. She walks with her clients as they create a new path that embraces a happier, healthier lifestyle that balances self-care and being a mom.

Michele is a “Mom Gone Free” and she is passionate about sharing that gift with others. Michele believes there is peace around alcohol for everyone.

Her final Day 1 was May 1, 2020.