Michaela Eyers


With over 25 years’ experience working as a Management Consultant, Michaela has successfully assisted large corporate organisations through major transformational change. However, after a number of traumatic personal events, “How did I get here” was a thought that pervaded her mind.

The shock morphed into denial, then anger, and self-blame, leading to the realisation that no real future could emerge until she accepted the past. Acknowledging that, Michaela turned to a skill she knew she excelled at, problem solving, and started the journey to rebuild her life. One of the things that had to go was alcohol, given it served no positive purpose. And so, in November 2021, Michaela started to live alcohol free. She has not looked back since.

Michaela now wants to use that very personal growth experience to help you. If you want to rebuild your life, to take control over alcohol, Michaela is waiting to hear from you and provide the support you need as you walk together to a brighter future on the other side of change.

Michaela lives in the Southwest of England and enjoys cooking and running (hopefully one offsets the other!)