Michael Leeser


Michael is a coach and university professor in Florida (USA) and has been alcohol free since August 2021. He loves the outdoors, travel, training for triathlon events, and helping others see they are much more than the unwanted habits and self-doubt holding them back.

For years, Michael relied on alcohol to celebrate, relieve boredom, and calm overwhelming anxiety. Over time, however, he sensed something was off with his physical and mental health and wondered if alcohol was taking more than it was giving. He tried white knuckling his way through taking breaks, only to quickly return to the amount and frequency he was drinking before. Eventually, he came across This Naked Mind. Through the book and other TNM programs, he learned more about alcohol itself, what it does to the human body, and why cutting back is so difficult when we rely on willpower alone. Around the same time, his curiosity led him on an exploration of the workings of our minds, habit change, and the deep resilience available to us all. Through this journey, he gained greater awareness of how his own thoughts and feelings work. And as a result, he stopped viewing alcohol as an emergency exit from the pain of the past, the stressors of the present, and worries about the future.

As a Certified Naked Mind Coach, Michael helps clients find freedom from over-drinking without judgment, labels, or a reliance on willpower. He serves high achieving professionals, athletes, and healthy skeptics who find themselves stuck in their relationship with alcohol. He also works with those who may have stopped drinking but are looking to overcome anxiety and self-doubt as they move forward. Wherever clients are on their journey, Michael loves walking alongside them and witnessing new possibilities arise as they come to a greater understanding of themselves and their own innate resilience.