Meade Holland Shirley


Meade is a reformed people-pleaser and former gray-area drinker. Despite the shiny exterior of her life and all of the wonderful things for which she was grateful – great family, great friends, great church, great community, lovely house – she felt like something was missing. There was an internal tension brewing for which she couldn’t quite pinpoint the source. For a while she believed it was related the brutal transition from stay-at-home mom to full-time working mom when she resumed her career in pharmaceutical sales shortly after her youngest was off to school. But as the chaos and noise of the hustle intensified so did her ‘need’ for a nightly reward, a treat – enter chardonnay.

Through a radical several-years-long personal growth journey, Meade, was able to free herself from the life of trying to please others and connect with her true self, her authentic self. It’s in that place that she finally started questioning her relationship with wine. That ‘reward’ was actually taking more than it was giving. It was becoming more valuable than her relationship with her loved ones. The options for change were miserable though and she didn’t identify with traditional ‘programs.’ She could continue drinking miserably or stop drinking and miserably try to never drink again. There had to be a better way.

In the fall of 2019, with the divine discovery of This Naked Mind she found that better way. She found the answer to not just waking up to her life, by breaking up with alcohol for good (unlike the many breaks she’d tried) but the answer to fully living her life where she is blissfully alcohol-free, not deprived, not tempted and even often forgets that she ever was a drinker. Meade found freedom and choice as the result of finally finding her ‘missing peace.’ This freedom allowed her to escape the shackles of shame and the allowed her the ability to create the life she had desired for so long – peaceful, joyful life with her husband and three kids.

Her gratitude for this life-breathing gift of an effortless alcohol-free lifestyle, led her to trade her pharmaceutical sales career for more fulfilling work. As a Certified Naked Mind Coach, Meade, helps others find their ‘missing peace.’ Meade’s unique coaching style has been described as the perfect mix of positivity and energy combined with great depth and insight. She will meet you where you are in your journey and she feels honored and humbled to be able to walk with women as they get unstuck, find freedom, peace, joy and the key to not just surviving motherhood but thriving in motherhood and thriving in life.

Meade lives in the northern burbs outside of Atlanta with her husband, their three children (12, 10, 6) and their favorite golden girl, a golden retriever, named Tinsley. After God and her family, the beach, UVA men’s basketball, The Dave Matthews Band and Schitt’s Creek are just a few of her most favorite things.