Maryanne Petkac


It’s been said that “two heads are better than one,” so TOGETHER you will work to uncover any obstacles that are holding you back from finding freedom from alcohol. It won’t necessarily be easy, but trust Maryanne…it will be so worth it.

A little about Maryanne….

She has always been competitive, but instead of expending that energy in sports, she unleashed it academically. It wasn’t until she was out of school and done having children (in other words, OLDER) that she began to challenge herself by running long distances. At first, she had to take baby steps by running 1/4 mile around her local high school track before she was finally able to run 1 mile without stopping! For months she ran, in all types of weather, while she trained for her first marathon, using willpower and determination to push her forward until five months later when she ran and finished her first marathon. What an awesome moment! She was 49 years old, and had just accomplished a feat that less than 1% of the population has achieved. She basked in the glow of her success, posing for pictures while wearing her shiny new Finisher’s Medal, alternately laughing and crying, and all the while feeling pretty damn proud of herself.

Then she drank four glasses of wine to “rehydrate.”

In the years that followed, she ran several more marathons and even a 50K trail ultra-marathon, “rewarding” herself with wine after each finish, telling herself she deserved all the glasses. She can’t believe she didn’t realize the harm she was doing to herself after already pushing/putting her body through the intensity of a marathon. It’d be years and several more races before she woke up to the fact that she was doing more harm than good to herself.

If any of her story sounds remotely familiar to you, let her help you let go of alcohol and live your life to the fullest. You’ll never regret it.