Martha Redpath CNM, MSN


Martha Redpath knows firsthand how hard it is to work as a healthcare provider. She knows how the web of alcohol can build up slowly, and gradually, and then seem to spread a fog of disconnect in all aspects of life. Her background as a midwife carries over to her coaching approach; trusting that we all have the ability to come through our life labors when accompanied by information, support, and kindness. Thanks to the life-changing Path, she has been alcohol-free since July 2022. Martha has the expertise to midwife you from disconnect to deep trust in your true self. Married for 40 years, 3 adult children, 2 grand babies, living in Vermont, you can find her out in the woods hiking dogs, off on bike adventures, or snuggled up by the wood stove.


“Martha is a gifted and skilled coach. She listens with empathy and without judgment. I would recommend her to everyone.” – Kelly F

“I had the great fortune of being coached by Martha. Her compassion, insight, and knowledge helped me see things that I could not. Martha’s calm and welcoming demeanor helped me move through some difficult emotions, re-frame old thought patterns, and see what was truly inside me”. – Michelle N

“Martha has such a beautiful presence that you can’t help but open to her and explore your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. She seems to be able to ask just the right questions to help you find your own answers and grow as a person. She has helped me enormously with issues I have been struggling with for years.” – Paul B