Marilin Colón, PhD


Marilin is a proponent of utilizing the science of human behavior to help others acquire new skills and habits by arranging their environment to achieve their personal goals. Marilin herself started searching for a way to use this approach to change her relationship with alcohol in June 2018 after undergoing a lumpectomy and radiation treatment for breast cancer. Towards the end of the year, she discovered the book, This Naked Mind by Annie Grace and, although it took several months, she embarked on her alcohol-free voyage in April 2019. Her journey has led her to want to share her learnings and experiences with others who are navigating the same path by becoming a Naked Mind Certified Coach. Using the natural science of human behavior and evidence-based techniques, she is inspired to help anyone, but especially, those in the LatinX community who want to change any habits that are preventing them from living their best, healthiest lives.