Marianne Edmonds


Marianne Edmonds was born and bred in Brisbane Australia however spent much time travelling through Central America, Asia, and both Eastern and Western Europe. Marianne was the Director of an international events and conference company for 22 years delivering public and private events for many publicly listed international companies and oganisations. After hitting rock bottom over COVI, she walked away from the business to retransform her life and pursue her passion to assist women juggling the weight of the world of burnout coupled with maladaptive coping mechanisms.

She now works with women who want to free themselves from destructive habits that are aiding their downward spiral toward complete mental, physical, and emotional fatigue. Women who are climbing the ladder in the corporate world, juggling children, the invisible workload of running a household, divorce, perimenopause, aging parents, financial setbacks, toxic relationships, carers’ fatigue, and much much more.

As a former addict caught in the fine web of alcohol and beyond burnt out, she coaches from lived experience and believes vulnerability and compassion are the greatest tools in reclaiming your identity, healing your mind and body, regaining your energy, and revitalising your life to live an existence beyond your dreams.

Her success in turning her life around after a decade of struggles inspired her to become a This Naked Mind Certified Alcohol and Habit Coach, Burnout Counsellor (AIPC), and Breathwork Coach. Her holistic approach to her clients focuses on the neuroscience of the dopamine circuit, and habit patterning and includes meditation and breathwork to help clients release themselves from the claws of exhaustion.

Marianne additionally provides corporate training in burnout, alcohol, and sugar recovery programmes and runs revive retreats to start the journey of burnout recovery aided by the development of positive coping strategies.

Marianne is a single mumma of two teenage girls, loves camping and traveling, and is currently learning to sail.


Marianne is a total gun. She helped me every step of the way with complete compassion and non-judgemental guidance. I am finally living a life I never thought was possible.” Helen F.

“The Defrazzle Me framework helped me reclaim my identity and put on the path of revitalisation and discovering my full potential.” Sam R