Marcin Cybulski


Marcin is a devoted father of two wonderful boys and the husband of an amazing, inspiring wife. He is a seasoned IT professional who began his career as a database developer and rose to lead large international teams in the Data and Analytics sector.

He’s passionate about technology, gadgets, and coffee, and loves to travel, having visited 34 countries. An enthusiast of self-development, Marcin enjoys the companionship of cats and dogs, and enjoys outdoor activities like skiing and running.

He comes from Poland, a country with a rich tradition of crafting exceptional vodka. Where alcohol is a big part of the celebration and people often take pride in their strong tolerance for it.

Marcin considers alcohol to be one of the biggest tricks of our era, promoted by a lot of money, lobbyists, traditions, and misinformation. He struggled with drinking for 25 years, burdened with guilt, helplessness, and self-disappointment. Worried about the role model he was for his kids, he decided it was time for a change.

When he came across the Annie’s Grace movement, it was like he found a magical ‘Goblet of Fire’. It was a big, life-changing fire that helped to transform his life. He decided to go alcohol-free in October 2022 and he is not looking back.

Now, he holds a torch from this fire, ready to spread its good light and warmth around the world.

Marcin’s mission is to empower moms and dads in their 30s-40s to get back control of their lives by helping them remove the gravity of alcohol, making it small and unimportant. He offers his support to both English and Polish-speaking individuals, aiming to guide them towards a more balanced and controlled lifestyle where alcohol no longer plays a dominant role.

Marcin is a valuable and compassionate coach. He helped me get to the root cause of an issue within one session and gave me strategies for the future. I would recommend Marcin as a coach for anyone desiring to change their life! ~ Kelly