Marcie Kaplan


Marcie is a full on “juggle all the things” person. After turning 40, she knew she wasn’t the best version of herself she could be and felt an inner pull to get curious about “the other side”. She was trying to equally balance a very high-stress job, work travel, being a parent, spouse, friend, daughter. Her anxiety was through the roof, and she knew there had to be more to life than she was experiencing. She took the untrusted leap with a 90-day alcohol free wellness challenge in October 2019. Once 90 days hit, she realized removing alcohol was only one small piece that created a snowball of amazing positive effects, so she kept going and never looked back. She was introduced to Annie Grace’s book, This Naked Mind, and her entire world transformed.

Describing her alcohol-free journey as having a secret superpower, Marcie’s mission through her work is to help other “juggle all the things” professionals and parents reconnect with their own personal power, so that they may achieve and accomplish what is important to them in their lives and increase their overall sense of wellbeing and aliveness. Her intention is for her clients to feel empowered and “in action” – creating their lives by design, rather than default. Marcie believes we only get one life to live, one body, one soul; and going alcohol free has allowed her to feel more alive. She was being held back in her life by her limiting beliefs that she needed alcohol for all the occasions in her life. By removing those beliefs, she has found a truer version of herself, without limits.

Being alcohol free since October 2019 and undergoing the This Naked Mind Institute Certification, Marcie can help you unlock your superpower and become the truer “YOU Without Limits”.