Madonna Commons


Madonna is a cat mom, coach and recovering lone wolf. She used to buy into the nonsense that smart capable people can figure it out themselves – now she can be found laughing hysterically at that notion and helping others to learn that you don’t have to tell everyone all of your business, but you do need to tell someone. Madonna has embraced the Japanese proverb “Fall Down Seven, Get Up Eight” because everything she has learned she learned from getting back up (and she even has her first tattoo honoring the proverb!). Free from alcohol since January of 2021, she wants credit for all the times before that when she had periods of abstinence and learning, because she kept going – and you can do the same!

When she’s not coaching, you can find her doing all kinds of miscellany – walking, reading, watching absolute crap on tv, trying to get Jack the Cat to speak English, and spending time with the family and friends who bring joy and embrace her quirks.

Madonna has been coaching and mentoring people for 20 years, as a business leader and more recently with individuals one on one. She’s coached managers, executives, students, and individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds and needs. She is particularly passionate around helping people who want to change their relationship with alcohol and those who want to identify and crush the shame that holds them back from stepping into their life with pride and resilience. If you want a space free from judgment that will support you in trusting yourself and building a mindset that will allow you to embrace all life’s ups and downs, then please reach out. As a bonus, there will be laughs, some cursing and the careful supervision of Jack the Cat!