Lisa Ryan


Lisa is a Certified Coach with This Naked Mind and a Certified Gray Area Drinking Coach. Alcohol free since September 2014, she is passionate about exercise, wellness and living life with enthusiasm and gratitude. These are passions that she wants to share with you!

A long-term daily drinker, Lisa saw her alcohol consumption increase dramatically in her 40s as she tried to cope and self-medicate through life. Along with a lack of self-worth, her anxiety skyrocketed, and her physical and mental health suffered. She realized that she had forgotten what brought her joy and serenity in life. Lisa turned her life around using the This Naked Mind methodology combined with practicing mindfulness, exercise and a restored healthy lifestyle.

Lisa finds fulfilment in helping those who serve in the wellness arena, or those who are passionate about a completely healthy way of life. Lisa offers virtual life coaching with bespoke programs designed to take your well-being to the next level by discovering your most authentic, whole self.

Based in Australia, Lisa enjoys working with people from across the globe.

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