Lisa Kwiatkowski


When Lisa first started questioning her relationship with alcohol in 2018 – the communities she was initially directed to felt misaligned. She needed to get off the daily treadmill of using wine to self-medicate her then-undiagnosed Generalized Anxiety Disorder, without wanting to sit in a church basement with strangers adopting the life-sentence of “alcoholic”. 

After joining the Naked Mind community – including the 1-year Path program – Lisa was able to reconnect to a feeling of freedom and joy that she hadn’t experienced since childhood.

Lisa specializes in supporting women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who are exploring their relationship with alcohol, as they navigate milestone events that leave them feeling stuck in a life they no longer feel aligned with.​

Coaching without judgement, labels or rules allows her to guide her clients to find the freedom they are seeking, while building a life of their own design, instead of living a life by default.

​​Outside of alcohol-free coaching, Lisa has extensive experience as an executive in non-profit organizations, as well as in major international sport events including three Olympic & Paralympic Games. 

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, Lisa moved to a small mountain town in the interior of British Columbia, Canada – where she can be found mountain biking or skiing most days. Volunteerism and community engagement are important parts of her local community life, in addition to deepening her connection and impact in the global alcohol-free community through coaching.