Lisa Burch


A lifelong learner, Lisa has a background in policy analysis and health planning.  She’s also the owner/operator of a bar and restaurant in rural New Zealand and a Cordon Bleu qualified chef.

Working in both the health and hospitality sectors, Lisa is passionate about putting health and wellness back on the agenda.  As she entered her 60s, she became increasingly aware of the impact that alcohol and other lifestyle choices were having on her own health, and the health of those around her. Using This Naked Mind methodology to find freedom from alcohol in January 2019, Lisa embarked on a new journey to become a qualified health and alcohol coach.  She has gained certification as a TNM coach and a Prekure Health Coach and is currently working towards an advanced certificate in nutrition.

Lisa’s particular passion is helping ‘baby boomers’ take control of their own health, so that they can enjoy a long, healthy and happy life.  She’s also on a mission to demonstrate that the very best hospitality experience can be enjoyed with healthy food and alcohol free beverages.

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