Linda A Moran


In addition to being a TNM coach, Linda is a holistic physical therapist and yoga instructor. She has always believed in the body’s inherent ability to heal by identifying and releasing obstructions. She is first generation Irish.

She has a history of imbibing with gusto – as a 10 year old won a blueberry pie eating contest , as a 19 year old, won a beer chugging contest in college, as a 40 year old won a watermelon eating contest.

Linda loves helping other yoga instructors, yoga students or others who are seekers of a spiritual connection and physical health but alcohol seems to be in the way. She yearns to help other health and wellness professionals who give so much to others that there is little left for themselves. For those that want alcohol to be small and irrelevant but don’t know how. For those that know it is not serving them but do not know how to comfortably be without it.

Whether you have left alcohol behind, are just starting to think about it or are somewhere on the middle, Linda will use yoga philosophy and practices to delve into the thoughts and beliefs that may be standing in the way of your joy and living your best life.

Learn to live your best life by finding the freedom that you have been looking for as you raise your vibration to one of peace by uncovering and modifying unconscious beliefs and thoughts that drive you to partake in substances or habits that you know are not in your best interest.