Lily Weis


Drinking didn’t make Lily happy with her life. But she was also convinced that if she quit, she’d never be happy again! That she’d be alienated at social gatherings, parties, and holidays. She’d lose the feeling of connection with her friends and family. She wouldn’t be any “fun” anymore.

Today, it’s an entirely different story. There’s a genuine sparkle in her eyes again! Now, she has a stable core of joy and peace, which gives her strength even when some days don’t go as well as others. That’s important, because for Lily, it wasn’t enough to just stop drinking. The solution, the alcohol-free world on the other side, had to be so good that she would LOVE her new life.

Lily decided to take a new leap: to become This Naked Mind certified and coach people who feel trapped, like she once did. People who want to do more than just quit drinking – they want to live their lives to the fullest.

Schedule a free 45 minute discovery call with Lily. If she isn’t the right fit for you, she will help you find someone who is.