Laurie Norris


Laurie is fortunate to live in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills near her three grandbabies. She is retired from her 25-plus years of running her home-based business as a scopist so that she may pursue her new passion, helping others free themselves from the grip of alcohol when they’ve had trouble doing so on their own, whether that be via white-knuckling or attempting other programs.

Being a breast cancer (BC) survivor in her late 60s, Laurie would love to cater to other women who’ve gone through (or are going through) the whole BC scare. Because, as Laurie is quick to share, she drank before, during, and after diagnosis/treatment so she gets it. And because of her age, Laurie also can relate to just older folks in general, men and women, who might be thinking it’s “too late” or that their chances of being alcohol-free diminish as each year goes by. Laurie is living proof that that simply is NOT TRUE!

Laurie’s mindset shift away from alcohol happened on February 6, 2021 – at age 65 – and she hasn’t wanted a drink since. So no matter what your age or what your health circumstances, past or present, Laurie can help get you there as well, by guiding you through the same science-backed, compassion-led method that has worked for her and thousands of others–thanks to Annie Grace and This Naked Mind.