Lauren O’Hanlon


Born & raised in the Midwest, Lauren received her Marketing degree from the University of Kansas…ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!  It was in college that she discovered a love and talent for bartending, which led her to more than 25 years of a rinse and repeat lifestyle of binge drinking AND getting paid to do it.  She became extremely high functioning, giving the appearance of having it all together on the outside.  An avid runner & lover of anything physical, she figured if she could get up and go to the gym after a night of drinking, clearly she didn’t have a ‘problem’.  Lauren was surrounded by like-minded people in like-minded situations, therefore never truly realizing the extent of her addiction.  

After Lauren gave birth to her 2 sons, she traded in the hospitality industry for the Stay-At-Home Mom lifestyle. While over the moon to be a mother, she found herself depressed, stressed, and lonely, coupled with serious FOMO of her “former life”.  She sought comfort in cocktails at home and not surprisingly, embraced the whole mommy wine culture with open arms.  She needed a way to numb out and calm the constant chaos, and thought alcohol was that golden nugget allowing her this.  Not only did alcohol fool Lauren into thinking it made her a better parent, it also made her think it was a necessary, well-deserved treat for all the parenting she was doing.  Like her paycheck for being a mom.

In 2020, by accident and pure luck, Lauren came across This Naked Mind’s podcast. Hearing Annie talk about never drinking again scared the bejesus out of her and stopped listening for 6 months. Lauren had always remembered Annie talking about The Alcohol Experiment and asked herself if she had it in her… a) the desire & b) the ability…to go 30 days alcohol-free.  Waking up with a hangover that made her question life, Lauren set out to test the waters of TAE. She failed it 3 times in 1 year but was religious in watching the videos and writing in the journals, gaining the knowledge and reframing her thoughts and beliefs around the poison.  Her gratitude for now seeing the substance for what it truly is fuels her to help other women looking to change their relationship with alcohol, however that looks.  She understands that no two journeys are the same.

Lauren believes that societal conditioning of alcohol plays a massive role in hooking us & keeping us stuck. Still in disbelief that she was not only able to quit alcohol, but also lacks the desire for a drink, is WHY Lauren is here. Lauren’s final Day 1 was September 13, 2022.