Laura Weston


Laura is a sensitive soul with a passionate heart. She is a writer who believes in the powerful roles that language and story play in transforming lives. She brings a warm, calming presence of story sharing, practical knowledge, and connection to her coaching practice. Laura has a background in education, with an avid thirst for learning. She has a deep appreciation for music, art, nature, and poetry. She is a dedicated and loving mom who believes the greatest gift we can give to our children is the healing of ourselves.

After two decades of relying on alcohol as an adventure-seeking sidekick, supportive hand-holder, and finally the anecdote to trauma and pain, Laura found freedom from alcohol in May of 2021 through This Naked Mind. As a result, she is now a source of co-regulation and connection for her daughter and has actively pursued her dreams of building a career of helping others make alcohol insignificant in their lives.

Her 1:1 coaching practice helps highly sensitive parents explore their relationship with alcohol, reconnect with their sensitive qualities, and build healthy ways to navigate parenting challenges, anxiety, and overwhelm without the drinks.

Vibrant and Worthy Coaching was birthed out of love, heartbreak, and miracles. It signifies that there are gifts of healing, wisdom, and a life of endless potential on the other side of the pain. Her mission is to guide people in finding theirs.