Laura de Leon


Laura is a committed and compassionate health and life coach and business leader.

Since she was a child, Laura has seen and focused on the growth potential in others. She used to try to convince her fellow elementary school students that they were “better than that” when they threw tantrums, and in high school and college often remarked that someone was wasting their talent and energy by hanging out with the wrong people. Laura has since majored in psychology and received a master’s degree in health policy/health product regulation and is a questionable member of interview panels since anyone with capability and knowledge can do it! On the other hand, as a mentor and coach, she excels.

With over 20 years working in the pharmaceutical/ biotechnology industry, she understands what it takes to handle a demanding job full-time while trying to maintain a social life and raise a (functioning) family. Laura has worked with various life and business coaches during this time and became a certified health counselor herself in 2009, via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Like many others though, when the world changed in 2020 due to COVID-19, Laura’s routine of drinking a few glasses of red wine over the weekend to unwind (which was ok because red wine contains resveratrol), turned into a glass or two a night. This of course had a negative impact on her health, relationships, and productivity.

Laura experimented with going alcohol-free alone but found that approach to be difficult. She craved connection and support. She had discovered Annie Grace on YouTube the year prior so decided to register for This Naked Mind’s 30-day experiment in January 2023 as a New Year’s resolution. This program was the main catalyst for Laura to successfully change her relationship with alcohol. Her curiosity and commitment to living a healthy and fulfilling life led Laura to continue onto the PATH program in April and make the big jump into the TNMI coach certification program in June.

Laura has been alcohol-free since April and TNMI coach certified in December of the same year, 2023.

Laura coaches with compassion, curiosity, and love. She challenges her clients to question the status quo and dig deep into their patterns. She is passionate about helping others thrive, by seeing things from new angles, finding clarity, and re-discovering their potential. Her goal is to empower her clients and guide them to freedom from their limiting beliefs and habits so that they can live with purpose and peace. She is committed to helping high achievers regain their mojo and live extraordinary lives.

Aside from coaching and working, Laura loves watching her daughters play hockey and dance competitively, exercising, outdoor excursions, reading, and spending time with family and friends. She lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts (Beverly, MA) with her husband, teenage daughters, and dog, Buddy.

“Your compassionate coaching with strong insight and direction influenced me again, even more than when we first had the discussion. My topic on empowering my voice is making an impact as I start my new position. I’m not just waiting in the wings to start contributing and it feels amazing.”
– Joan, Baltimore, MD