Lance Scott


Lance Anthony Scott is Certified Naked Mind Coach, a visual Artist, and out and proud gay man who lives in the heart of the Castro District in San Francisco California. He struggled over several decades with his relationship to alcohol that over time seemed to be taking more than it was giving. AA and other programs didn’t seem to be a good fit, and then he discovered Annie Grace and This Naked Mind. In January of 2020, using TNMI programs and working with a Certified NM Coach, he felt like the insights and methodology freed him from the Matrix! And he was profoundly moved and grateful for the improved mental and physical health, as well as all the time and energy he could now devote to what he truly loved in life, making art, writing, dancing, hiking, having authentically fun and goofy times with friends with no toxic repercussions. What?!  

Lance realized he wanted to help free anyone, that wanted it, out of the prison that alcohol can cause. For almost two years, he became a passionate mentor at the Live 30 Day Alcohol Experiments that had been part of the process that so effectively freed him. With Annie’s blessing, he started “This Queer Naked Mind” on Face Book and has held a free weekly support group on the site for over a year. When the opportunity came up to be a coach, he felt a deep calling. It was one of the few times he can count on one hand, when the Universe gave him clear and direct marching orders.

“My passion is to serve other LGBTQ folks who, like me, have gotten trapped in a relationship with alcohol. Like the rest of the population, we use it to deal with anxiety, social pressure, self-esteem issues, loneliness, and more. But because we are a marginalized group, the destruction to ourselves and our community is even more severe. I want others to experience the true freedom and liberation found in controlling alcohol, instead of being controlled by it. And the energy, space and time to peruse our true passions and gifts to the world. Maybe we as trans., queer, non-binary humans, lesbians and gays, found one of our first moment of resistance, liberation and pride at a bar (Stonewall,1969), but that doesn’t mean we have to stay there! The world is so much bigger than that, and we belong everywhere in it, truly happy, creative and free.”

Working with Lance you’ll discover the thoughts and beliefs that keep you frustrated, confused and stuck in a war with seemingly no end. By uncovering these thoughts and beliefs, bringing them into the light, and providing proven tactics that move us from cognitive dissonance to congruency, clients find the freedom and peace of mind they are searching for. The ability to control alcohol isn’t the end, but the beginning, and the insights, skills and tactics can be used in all areas of our lives where we want to move to a more fulfilled, productive and authentic way of living.