Lance Anthony Scott


Once Lance broke out of “booze jail” using This Naked Mind methodology, and became free of the toxic trance of alcohol, he became deeply inspired to support others who like himself, were falsely imprisoned! He knew so many others had the same calling to be their, true, authentic selves, and live lives where we get to pursue and enjoy real happiness. And he could see that alcohol is holding too many people down in a world that desperately needs everyone’s gifts and talents. With the same passion that he had previously reserved for the arts in painting and dance, Lance followed a calling to become a Certified TNM Coach. He realized that both the arts and getting free of addiction are about truth, resistance to forces of suppression, and authenticity. Both the arts and coaching are about discovering and expressing a beauty that is honest, uplifting, and wonderfully real. As an out and proud gay man, Lance has a passion for supporting folks, who like himself, are part of the LGBTQ+ family. But he is equally passionate about supporting people who are openly straight. His niche is queers, creatives and yogis, and anyone who wants to be free!