Kristy Sokol


Kristy is a career-driven professional, who loves her family, a doodle, and a shih chon.  After three decades of drinking alcohol, to “fit” in, be “liked”, or be “accepted”, she discovered the real truth.  Alcohol is not a necessity to develop stronger relationships to reach success or to build closer friendships.  She prided herself on not being a daily drinker or a lone drinker, yet binge drank socially every four to five days.

The last 10 years she was drinking alcohol, she noticed an increase in her consumption while networking, entertaining customers, attending industry and non-profit events, and dining with friends.  Also, she noticed a decline in her mental and physical wellness.  Throughout her professional career, she was told the best business deals and relationships are made outside of the office.  After completing two TNM Live Alcohol Experiments and joining TNM PATH class, she was able to debunk that belief and many others that were keeping her stuck in the alcohol trap.  She took her last drink on Christmas Day 2020.

Kristy helps others who think drinking is part of their job description.  She helps those who drink to make others and themself feel more comfortable.  She provides coaching and tactics, so her clients can redefine their thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving them.  She provides her clients with the tools to accept that people appreciate honesty and authenticity, and it does not matter what is in your glass.

Launch x Kristy offers virtual and in-person 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and organizes sober curious/alcohol free meetups in her hometown.  Own your journey, launch into the life you desire.