Kistie Simmons


Kistie has embraced varied paths in life from degree in statistics, masters in history, corporate leader, certified mediator, bluegrass festivarian, Ragnar participant, and international traveler. Now, Kistie offers one-on-one coaching for people wanting to change their relationship with work, food and alcohol and create an empowered life choosing joy with ease and confidence. Kistie specializes in working with current and prior corporate leaders and professionals in high stress industries including technology, telecom, and financial companies.

Having transformed her life into one of bliss and balance from decades of excessive drinking, over-eating, and over-working; Kistie is passionate and committed to serving others to help them build an empowered life free from destructive patterns. She has been alcohol free since December 2018.

Kistie provides a two phased personalized process which first allows them to explore and understand the fears and thoughts which drive their behaviors. The second phase partners with them to build a plan to change, provides accountability support through implementation, and offers continued connection during transition to mastery.

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